Posted: March 16, 2011 in LoveShits Rainy Days, Sad in the Rain

Pretending I never knew you
Pretending I never kissed you
Pretending I can walk away
Without a backwards glance.
Pretending that every day
I don’t miss you.

It’s pointless to love you
Yet I do.
I’m sorry I love you
Sorry that I hurt you
Sorry that I made mistakes.

I’m sorry that you gave up
When you used to love me so
I do remember chemistry classes
And sweaty Sugarbun dates
Hasty shy kisses
As we hide behind the school gates.

Trying to be strong
To go on without you
To tell myself I don’t care
Trying not to wonder what went wrong
Trying not to need you
Though i miss you more than I can bear.

I know it’s too late
And life has moved on
Time waits for no one
Four months gone
And I still want you back

Nights where I wake
Crying because I need you
Crying because I miss you
I want to forget.

I want to be happy now.
Without you in my life.
It’s enough to know
You’re happier than ever.

Just hope one day
You might look at the sky
Think of Ena
And remember her by..

Just a girl who loves you still.
Always has, and always will.


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