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Posted: March 20, 2011 in Angry in the Rain, Random and Weird in the Rain, Wisdom in Rain

One more thing that kind of annoys me. I don’t understand what’s with this Asian mindset that you can’t be affectionate with someone unless they’re your girlfriend/boyfriend. Dating is automatically considered being in a relationship already.

Like come on! There’s such a thing as dating but not going steady or being in a serious relationship. I know lah.. Asians are like this. It’s always, Will you be my girlfriend? Then baru they start dating, they’re a couple blah blah.

But why can’t you get to know someone first before deciding if you want to be serious with them? I just don’t get it. It’s not wrong for me to hold hands or hug someone I’m attracted to right? But doesn’t mean ’cause I think that guy is nice and I go out with him means I’m automatically his girlfriend and his soulmate etc etc.

What’s wrong with dating first, knowing how much you like someone or how attracted you are to them before deciding if they’re worth it? I sound commitment phobic and stuff but I just don’t get it. Of course it’s more not so awkward lah if you hold the hands of your girlfriend but what if it’s just someone you like? Not wrong right?

Point is, you have to get to know someone, feel the attraction first. If a guy I like holds my hand though we’re not together I won’t like slap him cause “He’s not my bf!” It doesn’t mean just because I did not say “Yes I will be your girlfriend” there is some invisible line that cannot be crossed. Anyhow, being someone’s girlfriend is just a state of mind.

I’m not saying like can simply kiss or attack some guy even though he’s not my boyfriend. I’m just saying there is nothing wrong with going out on dates with someone who is not your boyfriend ( or anyone’s ). It does not mean you’re a player or cheap or what, it just means you wana figure out how much you actually like that person.

I’m 18 now, not the age to play sms with someone then become someone’s gf through sms then shyly go meet them like that.

Why do I sound bitchy I also don’t know. This is not a personal entry. Just something on my mind.

On another note, I like tests. I like stress. I like productivity. I like exams, I like learning. I just realised that. I like being good at something, working hard to get that. Yes it sounds weird but it makes me strive for something, and let nothing stand in my way. It makes me somebody who’s taller than 5 feet, heavier than 36 kilos, bigger than *inserts bra size*. So maybe I should just apply for Medicine?

  1. Banzai says:

    Mindset issue 😀

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