Is it wrong to miss you?

Posted: March 20, 2011 in Daily Rain, LoveShits Rainy Days, Sad in the Rain

Random camwhore shot in Underwater World.

I am a commitment phobic person. I bail when I feel myself liking someone, I like the chase but once that person likes me back I withdraw because I don’t want to lose control, be the one who cares more and get left behind. Except once, and that turned out badly.

I remember the times when all we wanted in the world was to see each other and make each other happy, the times when you loved the smell of my hair and I urged you to get your six pack, and now here we are not giving a damn.

Is it wrong to miss those times? I know I should be happy for you and respect your decision. Let go for both our sake. But is it wrong to miss you?

Time doesn’t heal wounds.. Time numbs the pain, make you forget the pain, but it doesn’t heal as if the wound never happened.

Dwelling on memories? Well, I’m not viewing your profile anymore, that’s a giant leap for me. Stalker-period over. Healing’s bound to come, right?

Picture perfect memories scattered all around the floor, Reaching for the phone cause I can’t fight it anymore, And I wonder if I ever cross your mind, For me it happens all the time…


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