Posted: March 24, 2011 in Life in Rainy School, Sad in the Rain

I feel so… deflated.

Yesterday I was so anxious, excited, nervous, and worried. And now, I just feel… nothing. I feel like “Oh.” I feel disappointed.

Obviously I should be grateful. Obviously if I show disappointment I’m just being ungrateful and selfish. Obviously I should be happy. I mean, it’s good. But it’s not the best.

People would tell me, it’s good already. Compared to others. You can’t try to be perfect.

But seriously, FUCK LA. MORAL? MORAL? MORAL?

Of course I want to be perfect. Of course I want my 10A+. Sighs. Of course I want to be THE BEST.

If I was really smart, and good, I’d have my face freaking plastered on the front of the newspaper.

I had a perfect score for UPSR, PMR, and now for SPM…. it’s just like that.


So don’t congratulate me. It’s like, oh I got straight A+… except for one. HAHAHAHAHAHAH.



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