My Morals :D

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Random and Weird in the Rain

Sometimes people think I’m immoral. Am I? I don’t torture small animals. I think of myself as nice. I don’t leave people out, I don’t hate people for no reason, I don’t outright bitch people or hurt them. I’m not perfect, but I try my best to be nice. I give up my seat on MRT for old people. I donate to charities. I want to be a freaking doctor to save malaria patients in Africa for god’s sake.

I’m also open to everything. I would not say no to experimenting. I wouldn’t smoke, but I would like to get drunk occasionally. I wouldn’t want to be a drug addict, but every girl needs to try to smoke some pot once in their primetime years. I would want to do something risky once. I wouldn’t be extremely promiscuous but I totally think sex after marriage is STUPID. And yeah, I think I can handle it. I can take care of myself. I can try things and be a fun wild party girl who drinks and still get straight A’s and maintain my qualities in life. I can have fun without losing control. I can have fun without being some drug addict/alcoholic/slut.

On a side note, sex after marriage. LOL STRONG DEBATE POINT. I mean, when you marry someone you have to know them very well right? How can you say you know someone when you’ve never had sex with them? Sex is part of the personality and mentality much as we try to deny it and separate it. If it wasn’t such a big deal, why are our bodies telling us to do it? Obviously wild orgies have  a sinful element with them but you can’t say God will punish you if you do it with someone you care about right? Seriously, how does a piece of paper, some vows and a ceremony/party lets God officially give you permission to do the act? What if I have a steady boyfriend but we’re both too broke to get married properly and buy a house, etc, so we postpone till our 30’s to get married? So we have to stay virgins till 30 plus?

And yeah people say love is pure enough without sex, bla bla, but let’s be realistic here please. True love cannot be without sex. Sex is not love but how do you totally separate love and sex? Love is good, sex is bad? Yes I am calling all people who say, “Love does not involve sex, if you love someone deep enough you wouldn’t care about their body”, a hypocrite. Or else, just not yet go through puberty. Though these people might turn around and say I’m a horny sex crazed teen, but I just feel sorry for them who live in their perfect, pure staunch and boring little world. I respect those who truly feel they will be going against their religion if they do have sex before marriage, but not those 12-year-old mentality people who say love is separate from sex etc etc because it’s damn annoying.

If I have a boyfriend. And he gets in some accident and his tweetybird burns off or something. True I will love him still and stay by his side, and care for him, but as years pass, can I stay patient? Can I stay with him? Honestly, I don’t think I can do it. I don’t think love can be enough, and even if it is, the frustration and other feelings will take over. Does that make me a monster? Maybe. I just want to consider the happiness of my future. Which is why I probably wouldn’t date someone who’s sterile or Muslim, unless I really really love him A LOT. Because I can predict that the future road will be bumpy and I wanna avoid that. Can I convert into Islam? I might not be able to cope. And it will put a strain on our relationship. And I would want to have actual babies one day LOL.

It’s same concept like, you sort of like someone who’s going abroad soon. Would you pursue those feelings? No right? Because you could love him and it could be beautiful, but it’ll bring a lot of heartache and hard work to make it work out. So why bother? Why get yourself in that kind of situation if you can avoid it? Long distance relationships are very hard and painful.

That’s just what I think 🙂 so chill.


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