Sometimes I don’t why so many people are against makeup. I mean, ok, I think I’m an ok looking person without makeup. But with makeup, I look better. From a 5 out of 10 i can go up till 7 lor. So why settle for ok-looking when you can look hot? Especially with girls like me who are overachievers. I would always want to look better and better and better. Makeup makes me more confident also. I used to be so fugly growing up. I was scrawny and had a Down Syndrome face and I was literally the ugly duckling. Which is why I’m glad I look the way I am now. Obviously I’m not super pretty or the hottest girl in school but I would never have thought I could look like this if you showed the Form 1 me the picture of the current me. I’m so much more confident now because I’m no longer the nerd in specs. I hate specs a lot, but without them I’m blind so now I have circle lenses and they really transform me. Maybe it’s just me but without any makeup and just lenses I look a million times better than without lenses.

On a side note, I see you everywhere I go, it’s scary. When I see a dude walking by in white pants and shirt I think OMG it’s you in your prefect uniform. When I go to a kopitiam and the waiter is wearing your Bodyglove pants, I freak out and think it’s you. I miss you, I really do. I’m not going to talk to you anymore. Obviously you don’t want to talk to me.

Sometimes it feels like we’re still together, and I can fall back into your arms any second, but I know the reality is that you won’t be there to catch me…


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