Posted: April 4, 2011 in Daily Rain, LoveShits Rainy Days, Sad in the Rain

Sometimes it sucks, seeing everyone still together, all these couples we used to know and be like, they’re still happy.

Sometimes I walk by a store and I think, hey he’d like this and then remind myself that you’re not in my life anymore.

Sometimes when I’m on the phone or playing a stupid game, I wish it was you I on the other end, knowing you’d enjoy it.

Sometimes when I see your name on FB, my heart skips a beat.

Sometimes, though I know you made your choice to never look back, and you don’t regret it at all, and you’re happier and so much BETTER without me, I still want to ask you this:

Hey. I know you don’t love me anymore but I really do miss you, all the time, I really want you back in my life. I’m sorry for all the fights before, I really am, can you give me a second chance and try again? Though you’re so happy now but no matter what, you and I know each other best in the world. Though it’s been so long, I just want to tell you, I love you. I still do.


But hey, who do I think I am? After all this time, thinking you still give a damn? I know you don’t, but yes, I do miss you, and our happy times together, I miss going to movies and talking on the phone. I’m so lonely now, and my phone is as good as dead. Are you doing better than me? Do you have lots of new friends and girls you know?

Sometimes, I look at old dates and remember, then, I was happy. I had you. You loved me. And now, everything is so different.


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