Down in the Dumps

Posted: April 11, 2011 in Daily Rain, LoveShits Rainy Days, Sad in the Rain

I wonder if people can see the unhappiness etched on my face. I see happy people and I wonder how it must be like to be like that, to wake up without a care in the world, laugh out loud with friends and go to bed happily. It takes and effort to smile or laugh now. I have to FORCE myself to be happy.

I watch movies, and I wish I could laugh with you about them. I miss laughing with you.

I miss it when we would pretend to bump into each other and then hold hands, smiling.

I miss it when we played games and our names were always ILoveEna or well, the other one.

I miss it when I had you to care about me.

I miss it when we would feed each other using mouths, then laugh halfway because it’s so disgusting.

I miss you, and it’s not fair that it takes me so long to get over you.

I have let go of you, and I have already WAKE UP and realised you don’t love me anymore. So I have to stop loving him. I have to let go of everything.

I don’t even dare to go to Spring because I don’t want to risk seeing you anymore.

I just want to be able to love someone else without thinking of you. I want to get over you.

I just never imagined I would really lose you. I can’t believe you’re not in my life anymore. I still love you. No matter what I’ve done, or you’ve done, I still do.

I download movies all the time, my computer’s been on for a month downloading torrents to watch because I’m scared if I don’t have any to watch, I’ll start crying about you again at nights.



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