My JPA Interview 2011

Posted: April 12, 2011 in Daily Rain, Life in Rainy School, Random and Weird in the Rain

Ok I had my JPA interview. I applied Medicine. I reached about half an hour early, and found out my classmates were in the same group as I was. So chun right? Out of so many schools in Kuching, we all met there. My group consisted of Guine, a guy, a Kolej Abdillah girl, me and Jess. Those with names are my classmates haha.

The second Panel also contained 2 of my classmates so we all 10 filed into the room and being Teresians, we talked about hair and our nerves, and everyone there was funny and friendly so we joked around while waiting till the girl come in and ask us to keep quiet HAHA. Then a guy came in to tell us don’t touch sex, religion or politics. There were 3 interviewers, 2 men and 1 lady who had very hostile body language.

Anyways, introductions. I was 4th and I waited quite some time. It was so cold and I was shaking. I remembered everyone said don’t cross your legs but I was so short till my legs don’t reach the ground so it was hard NOT to cross them.

My content was so confident. My introduction was so “I am ambitious, I don’t let obstacles stand in my way, I’m an overachiever, I want to make a change” but my voice was shaking I could hear it, so I really don’t know. I smiled and all, but I guess my voice was too weak and shaky 😦

I tried to incorporate trivia to impress them. Like saying, the reason I want to be a doctor is to make a change, because the doctor:patient ratio in Sarawak is only 1:1700 compared to West Malaysia, thus I’d want to come back to serve in the rural areas. I said I’d like to go to Czech Republic or India because it’s medically recognised, but then I wouldn’t mind where I went because it’s up to ourselves to make the best out of it, and JPA wouldnt send their scholars to not reputable hospitals.

Now questions. We only had 3. I’m sorry to say this, but I think my whole group did quite badly. Till they didn’t really want to hear so much from us because we were talking crap. We didn’t really answer their questions, till they keep asking Do you understand the question or not?

First question: Bagaimanakah anda meningkatkan taraf kesihatan di luar bandar?

I volunteered first, I said expand Klinik 1Msia program to luar bandar, and make sure that doctors stationed there are well-versed in the local dialects so we can understand patients better. My BM was a bit bad but at least passable. The rest said, improve the technology there, etc. The interviewers wanted to involve everyone so they directed to everyone instead of “you snatch it, you get it.”

Second question(which we failed): Bagaimana mahu menggalakkan doktor untuk berkhidmat di luar bandar? Banyak yang di sini kata nak balik. Tapi bila di bandar dan selesa, tak mahu ke luar bandar.

THIS ONE WE FAILED. Everyone kept saying stuff like, “we must encourage them to go luar bandar.” “we must make them love the country.” Finally I said something like, “sekiranya saya sudah berkahwin, saya akan lebih rela ke luar bandar jika suami saya juga pergi bersama. oleh itu, saya berharap kerajaan akan membiayai ahli keluarga doktor tersebut yang ditugaskan.” and the interviewer said, “Saya bagi kamu rumah kelamin.”

And I said, in my opinion, a true doctor shouldn’t care where he lives, he should just care for his patients and wouldn’t care about comfort or what, just be dedicated. (IT DOES NOT ANSWER HIS QUESTION.) And he shoot me, “Then all doctors in Kuching not tulen? ” But he laughed. He got a bit fed up in the end after everyone’s answer, saying that it does happen, SO HOW TO MAKE DOCTORS WANT TO GO RURAL AREAS?

My friends said, to give these rural doctors acknowledgement with awards, and my other friend said to launch a campaign. But I guess they wanted her to elaborate more on the campaign point. They shot a guy in my group because he said, to encourage them by bonding them. Then the interviewer said, “You think the scholarship you’re applying now don’t have bond meh?” And he said yes got and they asked how long and he said “5 years” and they went “Where you hear from? Ha?” They were pretty mean to him till he said he’s not sure and they told us it’s 10 years because they spend so much on our scholarships, blabla.

Third question: How do you instil patriotism in yourself while you’re abroad? In yourself, not others?

The lady asked this. We sort of didn’t answer this well. My friend answered by taking care of our attitude abroad (which is more like how to portray a good image of Malaysia when abroad) and by remembering the Rukun Negara. The interviewers then asked her what is the Rukun Negara and she forgot the third one and I tried to hint to her, is that bad? I’m not sure if they don’t like others to kepo.

My other friend also didn’t really answer and said, when we’re abroad, though we’re surrounded by foreigners, we’d also have some Malaysians with us. So we can build a Malaysia Club and spend time with each other etc. But I’m not sure if that really can “instil patriotism” like the lady wanted.

I made up some crap about Dr Sim Kui Hian just to show off my “political knowledge” FML saying I attended his speech and he said when he was abroad, he always kept in mind he couldn’t wait to come back and serve his country by treating his own patients in his own country first, so its a way to instil patriotism. FML.


Then the middle guy said ok, thanks, this is all. So I went to shake with the first interviewer, and he gave me the “WHY? I DOWAN SHAKE WITH YOU.” look, and stalled, but we shook. The lady was flipping through papers but she was forced to accept my handshake too. Then everyone went to shake with them also and I think they felt more annoyed.

Anyways, I observed their body language throughout the interview, and it was like this. When they lost interest, they’ll start flipping papers. The lady even crossed her whole body during someone’s shaky introduction. The lady had the most hostile face, she didn’t even smile at us. The BM guy was sarcastic but funny. I think, they really wanted to have lunch and we were unfortunately the slot before lunch. They didn’t ask us many questions because we didn’t answer them very well at all, there wasn’t even a group discussion.

And I’m worried because I volunteered to go first a few times to give my opinion, and the lady was like, (when I raised my hand), “what about you, number 5?” and I felt awful because she ignored me but then she asked me to go next, nicely. I don’t want to seem like the bossy girl who keep cutting people and dominating the conversation. It was because I didn’t know if they would actually direct their questions to us individually, or just let who volunteers first go. If I waited later I might seem too passive. Or maybe if no one volunteered they would offer it to someone else. But I raised my hand a few times to give an opinion. I guess at times that was bad because the interviewer wanted to specifically ask a person, but I keep offering to speak and they paiseh to ignore FML.

Well, I really don’t know, but good luck to everyone. One thing I did was smile a lot and I tried to relax by not clenching my fingers and stuff, and I smiled and nodded when others were speaking to show that I was listening and participating. I watch too many TV shows about body language =__= I strongly urge everyone to research their facts properly and also, NEVER EVER PUT YOURSELF DOWN. I don’t think they want us to be modest. DO NOT SAY “I’m just an average person, but I want this scholarship to see what I can do.”

P.S Now I regret talking about Dr Sim Kui Hian because it seemed like I was just trying to say his name to show off but no real points just crap. And my introduction I said stuff about not being from a rich family, so I’ve always been raised with the mindset to always be the best and get ahead in life. Blabla sounding like I want to take over the world (which I do). But maybe they prefer doctors to be team players T___T and I smiled too much like I’m a retard.

My voice also not loud enough. I really hope they don’t think I have an attitude problem because I volunteered a few times instead of waiting them to ask me. I hope it works out. I really don’t know.


  1. ra says:

    haha…thanks for the sharing…=) it really sounds creepy…wow…time to face it too…

  2. nanaliew says:

    it’s not so bad 🙂 quite fun i guess but it’s just scary cos it’s yr future at stake =(

  3. Andrew Jaden says:

    Lol, seriously? Too bad. D: hi Envira. O:

  4. ra says:

    hi there…

    anyway, Ena, u did great. no worries. haha…all the best to you. hope you can get the scholarship. =) Just hope that i wont end up creating a hilarious story. XD

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