Politics and Emotions

Posted: April 16, 2011 in Angry in the Rain, Daily Rain, Random and Weird in the Rain, Sad in the Rain, Wisdom in Rain

Ok, firstly, I have Bieber Fever. Yes I am a Belieber.

Emotionally, I’m fine. Only yeah sometimes I think about how happy I could have been this past 4 months if I’ve had you by my side instead of this pain. We’d be going out, having dinner together, at Damai now.

Politically, well, personally, I support BN because I don’t approve of all the opposition’s crude insults to BN leaders, i think it shows very low moral value to resort to such tactics. All the rude personal insults? I mean you’re politicians don’t act like you’re 12 for god’s sakes.

The Chinese in Kuching are all for change for the sake of change, not change for the better. I believe that BN has done not too bad a job, and they can improve, and we should be grateful. Plus, DAP’s manifesto doesn’t much care about our local Dayaks either, hardly 1Msia is it? Still, hope it’s not just talk for all the politicians out there. It’s not the WHOLE govt corrupted. only a few bad eggs and already people are blaming everyone in the govt and ignoring all the good they’ve done? I have enjoyed peace, stability, education, basic healthcare and other necessities, and I’m happy. We may not be clean or crimefree like SG yet, but we’re getting there under BN’s guidance.

*The vast size of Swak alone undermines its development. But things are good here. It’s the most racially harmonious place I know in the whole of Malaysia. I find it better not to point fingers at the government and keep demanding change for the sake of change. It’s mostly talk anyways, the BN candidate in my constituency has done so much for my area and my family despite not winning 5 years ago. I hope Dato’ Alfred Yap wins the Sentosa seat, because he is a good man and he’s helped so many people. Anyways, Penang may be very prosperous, but I’m not sure abt Sarawak’s DAP leaders. They’re politicians for god’s sakes, yet they behave like 12 year olds throwing personal insults at BN candidates.

Well we’ll see in a few hours.


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