You see..

Posted: April 23, 2011 in Daily Rain, Random and Weird in the Rain

I have a problem.  I mean you know I overthink things and stuff.

Like there’s a group of friends and they’ve started to kinda break apart. Like a group of 5 split into 2. We are civil, but barely contact, and always politely reject if we ask the other group out. From friends we formed cliques within the clique. Hostility and unhappiness fills the air. Like wondering what happened till we can’t even hang out without feeling weird and bitching about it.

And when the other group of friends ask me out with them I feel weird. I overthink. I reject. Because if I go, will it cause my own group to think I’m crossing over? Will they feel left out I went without them? I feel weird. I do.

But in truth I just want everyone to get along. To be friends again. Without this weird feeling 😦


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