I’m so tired.

Posted: April 26, 2011 in LoveShits Rainy Days, Sad in the Rain

Some days, like this one, when I’m really tired and cranky, I feel like I miss him. Just the simple act of  writing song lyrics on his wall, telling him random stuff about my day, I just want to do that.

I remember those times he spontaneously called me and said “I can’t wait to marry you! Then I can see you everyday!”

I know now it’s just words but yeah, I really thought it would happen. Haha.

I’m not emo by the way. I’m not crying or whatsoever now -.- SO PLEASE DON’T OFFER SYMPATHY OR WHAT CAUSE I HATE IT. Just a fleeting feeling here.

It’s like I can imagine his future conversation with his next girlfriend. Being a girl, she’d ask about me, the ex, and he’d say “What’s with her? I forgot her already. She’s just my ex. She’s nothing to me.”

I miss him, but I’m going to hope I’ll meet a better guy and love him more, and treat him better, and that the next time it won’t end so painfully 🙂


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