Posted: May 6, 2011 in Happy in the Rain, Sad in the Rain, Wisdom in Rain

I can function very well sometimes. Some days I don’t really care. So I guess I should stop talking about it completely and only write about it here. Just pretend it didn’t happen and forget the sweet memories. Forget the kisses, the holding hands, the warm hugs, the silly jokes. I’m doing it again. Sighs. I guess he needed me so much back then because he had not many friends but now yeah.. Nice new life. But I would never have imagined we’d end up like this, two strangers, and he’d hurt me so much, but I guess I hurt him a lot too. But whatever la, it’s too late and gone forever.

On a side note, 3 of my friends just got into a relationship. 2 of them have been single for like 4 years and now suddenly fall in love and one more broke up same time as me now got new gf and yea @@ like I said, the world is moving on and I’m stuck in this rut. Can’t wait to start school.



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