Posted: May 16, 2011 in Angry in the Rain, Daily Rain

My mood is spoilt so easily. Had a good day at school, and now I’m like so freaking shit-feeling.

CAN MY PARENTS JUST SHUT UP ALREADY? They keep saying all the wrong things. When I was feeling shit about my scholarship, they were telling me “Be grateful. It’s not bad what! Good also no need go overseas!” which is like nice but it really hurt me and I wished they could shut up because it’s NOT what I want. Now they tell me stuff like “Aiya no need appeal la sure cannot change your course one.. Biotech duno got job opportunity or not” etc etc like come on la just shut up ok?

Plus they want me to stop Form 6 and just rot at home. Hello? I could drive myself to school if you didn’t fucking keep postponing my driving lessons till now MAY already ok? I wana buy laptop, buy camera since March but you guys delay, say see first, say go shop survey, say call shops, like fuck you la! Until now where got? I’m very stressed ok? You all blame me didn’t do things properly.. my JPA forms haven’t filled.. why is that?

Because I don’t have a fucking printer, because after it broke down you guys fucking delay getting a new one. Since like… September till now? Because of that, a lot of scholarships I could have applied a lot easier but NO. I could have scanned and done things properly if you guys had just went and bought a fucking PRINTER.

Just leave me alone, all of you, and I hate you all.

And stop appearing on my news feed, PLEASE.


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