I’m so xim tia now.

If you don’t know, that means heartache.

I’m stressed about this whole scholarship thing, even though I’m going. I’m stressed about everything else. School is good but yeah, heartache.

It’s him. Someone updated me about him recently, it’s nothing just that he got a new phone and stuff. I don’t want to dwell in this shitty mood anymore but yeah.

Seeing him call other girls boss, or posting on people’s walls, or flirting with girls and leaving ♥ and all that, though I know he’s not attached now but I know he’ s not that sensitive, sweet boy I loved and he’ll find some new chick soon and all. Seeing all that reminds me of his life passing by without me. Do you know it’s his birthday soon? And it makes me miss him, and I just want to kiss him and call him dar and have him hold me again. That longing.

I used to be the light of his life.. the one who made his life happy and had meaning. Before that, his life was sad and dull he said being with me made him a better person because he started to think about his future and work harder for me.

Sighs.. but, I’ve gotta move on. And that’s it.

  1. choulyew says:

    lol. i guess i wouldn’t say I understand how you feel because i don’t. but i do feel a similar pain? LOL. for me it’s like a one hand clapping thingy. at least u shared a past with him..

    the best quote to describe you and me would be it’s too fucking tiring to hold on, but too in love to let go. T__T FOL.

    • nanaliew says:

      yea.. it sucks that love can’t be forced. haha! FOL indeed. I think both cases kinda suck.. it’s like I had a taste of happiness and now it’s gone.

      cliches people use:
      1. there are plenty other fish in the sea
      2. you’ll find better
      3.time heals it all
      4. it’s hard but you’ll move on

      and yadda yadda. sometimes it’s kinda annoying haha.

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