Wisdom Strikes

Posted: May 20, 2011 in Happy in the Rain, LoveShits Rainy Days, Sad in the Rain, Wisdom in Rain

Today was quite an upsetting day. My day went downhill from break time, because as I passed as group of guys they started saying his name loudly. I mean, ok, maybe they didn’t know we broke up, but still, it made my heart sink. For a second I was terrified that he was behind me. And after that, I totally lost appetite and had no mood. Not to mention I was sick today. My mucus is yellow so I know I’m sick.

Anyways I was really miserable after that. Just hearing his name made me like that.. Can you imagine if I meet him with some girl somewhere? I’d just fall apart. Then I was waiting for my car at church and miserably remembering all the times we met on Fridays, and missing him, feeling as if I’d do anything just to see him again.

Then I looked around and it just struck me how nice this scene was. Forgive me for being cliche but it was a nice, windy day (then) and the trees were so green and there were primary schoolgirls playing the slapping game and giggling just in front of me, and I looked at them and smiled at how happy they were, how much joy there was in their faces.

Six months ago, I would never have imagine I ‘d have such a difficult period in my life, but I made it through. Sort of.

It’s funny how much I can mature and grow up after stuff like this. And it always takes a really, really hard and painful lesson to make me more mature. In Form 3, I upsetted some people and set off a giant blacklash being public enemy no 1. And I learned a lot from there and I guess I was different after that. Maybe more able to think from someone’s point of view? And this one taught me that life sometimes deals hard blows, and don’t trust so easily, and also if you love someone, you gotta show it before you regret.

I guess I’m saying, there’s a reason behind everything.


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