Posted: May 23, 2011 in Daily Rain, Life in Rainy School

So… Here I am installing another copy of Microsoft Office before I can write my report to hand in on Wednesday to the matron nurse.

Today I was a bit late. Reached the hall like 9.05. Saw familiar faces. I had no letter or whatsoever (being an illegal person) so I just wrote my name. Everyone was dressed really formal. I wore long sleeves. REGRETS. When I reached home I was so sticky that I could barely unstick myself from the car seat.

Matron Fu(?) was the head nurse and I could see she was really experienced. She gave us quite a long briefing then we had a short teabreak and went to a meeting room where we had a crash course on hand hygiene. We had to learn how to scrub and also use alcohol-based hand sanitizer so that we can reduce infections. Quite interesting learning the two different kinds of aprons and protective gear, how to remove them, how to remove gloves, and what goes in the bins lined with yellow plastic (contaminated or soiled stuff) and the normal plastic bag bins.

Then we were assigned to different wards. I was assigned to Gynecology together with another girl called Fiona. Some others went to Peds Surgical, Female Medical, some went to the Emergency Room. So we went there, had a short walk then went to lunch.

Then we got horribly lost. LIKE HORRIBLY. Stumbling from stair to stair, finding blocks, going in and out of elevators. It was madness. The only clue we had was that our Gyne Ward faced a “Kini di Pawagam” billboard. So we ran around peeping at windows trying to find the damn board. There were 2 Gyne Wards so we were misdirected too.

When we went back the rounds were almost finished. Being not a doctor or med student, we were like so useless standing there doing nothing. It was sooo awkward cause we weren’t sure what to do or where to go. Then a nice (and may I add extremely hot) doctor came and he was so cheery and all, he told us don’t go med school, you’ll regret it forever! Look at me, I have no life!

He was good with patients, and very cheerful, and passed me to other housemen, a Dr Faiz and Dr Amy. Dr Faiz was so nice, bringing us to the doctor’s lounge and Dr Amy was like really pretty and bubbly, they told us where they went to school, said it’s still ok as a med student though you do have less time compared to say Pharmacy students, Econs students, then Dr Faiz brought us to this 78-year-old woman with renal relapse(prolapse?) and I was familiar with this because a couple of my mum’s friends had this.

Basically your lower muscles get weak and your uterus hangs out of your vagina. The end.

So this woman had 12 kids, and her daughter was there. It was really nice to see how the docs treated her, like a pat on the back “Apa khabar mak cik?” and drew out a diagram explaining what was hanging out and risks of whether it would come back, and if it “jatuh balik kena potong baru ke?” and the old woman was like “Sudah mati. Mati!” and she was like friendly. She was a  farmer and her daughter said she’d never been admitted before. She’d been feeling sick but didn’t tell. I guess elderly people are like that.

Then she went for an exam :O and the doctor asked us to go see. At first I was like “Really? She won’t mind?????” and he said we should stay if not how to be doctor. And she asked us jangan malu LOL. And we saw it la. Google it if you wish. Doctor pushed her cervix back in which was hanging out and used a vaginal speculum to stick it in. She needed surgery tomorrow (Hope I’ll get to see it!) and the anesthesiologist told us about how if you have no teeth it’s hard to use then after that Fiona and I went back to redundancy.

Basically we just stood at the corridor and read notices and walked up and down while nurses and patients gave us the LOL look and yeaa it was weird. After that we met up with some of the rest and they were pretty much useless like us also.

My ward no aircon btw. PANAS.

So, like 4-5 housemen I spoke to today told me PLEASE DON’T DO MEDICINE. Being housemen  sucks. But I guess as you go up it gets better right? Dr Faiz said, you get used to it one. Sure you don’t have much time to go out (2 off days a month) and first few times on call sure tired, but you get used to being scolded everyday and asked to be kuli pretty soon. It’s tough but a good job. And sometimes when you’re wondering why on earth you chose medicine, go back to the reason why you really wanted to be a doctor in the first place.

I think it’s the same though.. Like if I pick Business. If I really wanna climb up the corporate ladder I need to work hard and overtime everyday also right? If you want to excel you need to work hard. The way I see, being a doctor is ok. They can still wear so nice and joke around and be buddies like in school. They still have a sense of humour.

This is all I have to say. I guess it wouldn’t be like Grey’s Anatomy with so many new cases and interesting stuff. Most of the time it’s paperwork, rounds, etc. But I really like seeing all this bizarre stuff but I don’t know how I’ll react to bloody stuff. Today was just organs falling out.

Tomorrow is mortuary day! *excited* 🙂

Now picture of the day…

Hugeass picture of me! 😀
  1. Banzai says:

    Dr House!

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