Half Assed Lens Review (with no Pictures)

Posted: May 30, 2011 in Daily Rain, Rainy Reviews, Random and Weird in the Rain, Vain and Bimbotic in the Rain

I don’t want to be a half-assed blogger anymore.. So, any suggestions?

Maybe I should do lens reviews? Makeup posts?

I almost quit wordpress and went back to blogger yesterday because I found out you have to pay to use other themes wtf.

How could I not have known that?

Okay I just ordered a Sugar Candy Brown lens. Either it will look totally fail or whatever. I promise when it arrives I’ll take plenty of photos.

So far I’ve had:

Geo Nudy Blue.

Geo Nudy Brown.

Dreamy Grey (one of my fave lenses still) (I should throw it soon 😦 )

Blytheye Pink

A bunch of Freshkon circle lenses that have wayy too much moisture and superglues to my eyes.

Geo CK 101 and BC 102.. my school lenses.

My current Dueba Puffy 3 Tone blue which you see in my pictures.


Geo lenses irritate my eyes like mad. My Dreamy grey remains super comfy. My Blytheye was a bit defected and the right side hurts like hell so I’ve stopped wearing and besides they’re too small. Geo Nudy Blue is awesome but Brown’s colour is like wtf and they both hurt my eyes like mad.

I love my Puffy Blue but I get sick of it when I want to dress more subtle because it’s such a bright lens that aunties literally stop to stare. And it’s really quite big and dries quite fast in aircon but it still remains comfy.

My school lenses are super comfy, thank god. But they remain for school alone.

My Dreamy Grey is lovesss but I should toss it soon I guess?

Now on my wishlist are Hanabi lenses and Pop C Light lenses.

I am too lazy to dredge up my old photos of my old lenses because I don’t want to go back to my past and see his comments on those photos hohohoho.

Okay one of my school lenses?

looking disgustedly bloated. this is a 6am picture wtf.


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