Do you like my new blog layout? I used xiuxiu meitu because I am IT-challenged person and don’t understand what is a layer in Photoshop.

Today I felt better. Went shopping, bought a top, and a lot of stationery. I felt a little ouch when I saw some lovey dovey posts on Facebook, boyfriends waiting for their girlfriends to fall asleep on the phone before saying goodnight. That happiness when I hang up after a phone call of I love you’s or after coming home from a particularly happy date, that warm fuzziness as I remember all the hugs and cuddles. Or us cooking for each other and washing each other’s hair. Ahhhh. Even though obviously he doesn’t think about me anymore, but I do miss some of our moments. I avoid his friends’ profiles also because.. Yeah. Hurts to see his name.

Anyhow, today I shall talk about something that has probably changed my life.. Contact lenses. Not camera lenses la.

Now you all probably think I am just exaggerating, but it’s true. A few years ago, I was so awkward. And shy and ugly feeling. I was ugly in every respect, really. And I think I missed out so much on life, because of the simple fact that I refused to wear glasses. When I wore them, I couldn’t even speak to people without looking down. My eyesight got worse. I did not want to be one of those people confined to specs their whole life. (sorry to offend) and everything was such a blur in life. I missed out on scenery, and everything else, BOYS. In class I would put them on for 2 seconds when no one was looking, copy a few words, then quickly take them off.

Yea, I’ve always been self conscious. Being ugly just bothers me, ok? Ugly people bother me too so yeahhh. I get annoyed when there’s someone who can be stunning if she tried but she doesn’t. Makes me want to give her a makeover. No girls are ugly.. Only lazy. I’m not advocating anyone to put on a ton of makeup la. I don’t even do that because me skin is OK. I only use blusher because I’m too pale that’s all.

But the thing about natural beauty.. If you’re not naturally beautiful, then you have to fake it. Being artificially beautiful is better than being naturally ugly.

Anyhow, putting them on made me able to look around and see the world, say hi to people I know, actually recognise stuff. Yes, my eyesight is that bad. And I can talk to people and smile because I know my lenses are awesome.

My natural eyes are hideous, so don’t say I am hiding myself under lenses.

And as for the myth that they damage your eyes, well, it’s been wonderful for me. So yea. No pain, no infections. Comfortable, cheap and good.

I urge you all with ugly beady eyes to get your lenses now!


a super scary picture of me with only one lens… OK MINDFREAK?

one of the results of my xiu xiu meitu addiction.. my boobs are blurred here.


Disclaimer: All eyes are unedited. Yea my eyes are this NATURALLY PRETTY because of my Dueba Puffy 3 Tones Blue lenses.


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