Directional Dyslexia and Driving

Posted: June 3, 2011 in Daily Rain, Random and Weird in the Rain, Vain and Bimbotic in the Rain

You wanna know something fucking awesome??? Other than my very alliterated title. OMG. Go click on my archives  and you can see that every month I have 22 posts!! And gahhh my used-to-be anniversary in on the 22nd blahh blahh.

I swear it’s a coincidence but OMG. How will June be? Will it break the chain?

Anyhow my driving lesson got cancelled today. Which I am glad about. I was so excited to learn but now.. It’s just stressful. Maybe I’m a perfectionist and I just don’t like having my instructor have to scold me sometimes because I want to be naturally good at it.

1. Handbrake is so fucking hard and I hate it. I have physical limitations mainly, I’m short (leg can’t reach pedal), skinny (weak and can’t step hard enough) and all that. So yea. And steering? It is pure torture. I rather just change my destination than having to U-turn I tell you. And side parking gives me calluses because I have to turn the steering about 50million times.

This hurts.

2. I just CAN’T GET THE HANG OF IT. I keep forgetting to change gears, and I have poor control. Of everything. I can’t turn the steering wheel properly without my car swerving left and right or hitting the curb. I can’t step on the accelerator without it being too fast or too slow. I can’t brake properly. And I keep sihoi (car die in the middle of driving fml). I suck at practical stuff, playing music, art, sports. I have very very slow hand eye coordination and slow response. Which is why I am at high risk of dying in a car crash.

p.s however my hill is immaculate. I just like things with a sequence. Parking is ok too. I like how it has steps, like turn steering left all the way, see the marker, and so on.

I like lists.

3. I am road blind. I think I have directional dyslexia. Let me quote from this article .

There’s a class of people (I’m one of them) who are chronically lost; who take a few steps in a strange city and can’t find their way back to the hotel;  who don’t know how to exit the building they’ve just entered because they’ve strolled a corridor or two;  who are totally befuddled and even panicked when they drive into a familiar intersection from an unaccustomed direction; who break into a cold sweat when someone says, “you know how to get home — just reverse the directions”;  and who, because they’re frequently lost, are subject to ridicule and mockery from their very own families and from their most intimate friends.

That’s me. I’ve been travelling the same road for the past 5 years, and I still can’t go to school. I have difficulty even differentiating left and right. It takes me a split second longer. When I reach a fork in the road, I have to stop and think. Which way do I go? Because I just don’t know which one is right though I’ve gone this route many times. Even when I try to focus.. I can’t. It helps to memorise landmarks in a sequence (I do well with sequences) like, Everrise, Maybank, Shell. But not all the time.

I was once convinced that my dysgeographica was related to my total absence of rhythm — as a child I could never learn to pump a swing or even to jump rope.

That is just me. I have no sense of balance either, can’t swim, ride a bike, skateboard. I have poor motor function. And I hate swings.. Just 2 oscillations makes me puke. I don’t know why.. Even roller coasters don’t do that to me. I get a migraine when I am swung. My car sickness is quite better already though.

Here’s another link:,5753,-58770,00.html

I get distracted a lot too in directions, if there’s a crowd in front of me, I will follow them blindly. It’s so bad that I actually step off the elevator on the wrong floor all the time. Because I follow the crowd. And yes, I get hopelessly lost in buildings too. Like hotels.

This girl blogged about it here too. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one with this problem. Some more my friends all are good with directions and even my family has no patience with me. I think I have quite a mild case, since I can still manage a bit.

And now a photo of me deemed by brother as “Asian person who got plastic surgery trying to look British.”


P.S: OMG. I have IEED too and katagelasticism.

IEED is like..

Your dad is yelling at you for stealing the last Ho Ho or breaking a vase or kidnapping someone, when suddenly, you’re overcome with an uncontrollable desire to laugh. You try to hold back, but soon your frown turns into a smirk, your smirk turns into a repressed chuckle and your chuckle turns into a full out fit of hysteric laughter.

Not only did I laugh when I hear people dying, I also had this uncontrollable urge when my brother was sick or sleepwalking. It has happened since I was 14. This is like.. WOW.

If you’ve ever experienced a sensation like this, you may suffer from Involuntary Emotional Expression Disorder (IEED), also known as pseudobulbar affect. This condition is exactly what it sounds like: having the opposite reaction of what is expected, such as becoming depressed when you hear good news, or laughing at a tense or unpleasant place, such as when someone tries to start an argument with you.

And katagelatiscism is just finding joy in other’s misfortunes. I do that in reverse. I am unable to be happy for others. I’m ashamed to say I blocked my close friend from my News Feed because she was too happy with her boyfriend.

I am a bitter, damaged soul. I knew I was psychotic.

  1. Paul says:

    You’ll beee finee.. Maybe you need to buy the handglove? The cloth hand gloves if I’m not mistaken.

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