I am not crying, I am just hurt beyond that point.

Posted: June 4, 2011 in Angry in the Rain, LoveShits Rainy Days

I don’t get it. I thought you were fine with me already? yea, you still won’t accept my friend request. I get it.. I guess you’re afraid I’ll go and beg you back or something. I made a fool out of myself. But now? I just liked a wall post, and you already totally lost it at me. Is it that even one contact with me makes you so pissed at me? You like my friend’s wall posts too you know.

How come just the very idea of my existence makes you so damn angry? Wow, I never knew you could hate someone so much.

And what sucks? You swore you’d love me forever.

Sure thing, cutie pie. I’ll love you forever because of my fucking inability to stop thinking about you, but I bet you hate me like your worst enemy. For what reason?

Because I still love you? It can’t be that you’re still hurting, because duhh you’ve moved on like a marathon.

So what the fuck have I got to do to just.. make peace? I just need closure. Just an acknowledgement of friendship.. Then I’ll let it all go. I wouldn’t even try to be your best friend because it hurts so much I just want some closure. But no.. Time doesn’t change a thing. You still have such a huge problem with me.

Trying to be mature.

But come on, you used to love me. Don’t try to deny that. Yea, it’s the past, but you DID love me. Admit that. So why can’t you, in respect of our former love, not be so fucking hateful to me? Yea you were unhappy, but we did have happy moments too. Can’t you see that? You used to just want to kiss me the whole night, and now you hate my guts?

I k now you’re not the weak kind who will miss me or look back. I know you don’t need anyone and you can move on easily. But yeah, I am still sorry I made you cry for me. And made your life so miserable with fights. I’m sorry I was never satisfied and tried to change you into someone you’re not. I’m sorry I didn’t consider your feelings and I was selfish. Isn’t that enough?


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