Happy Schmappy

Posted: June 16, 2011 in Happy in the Rain, Life in Rainy School

I always think people don’t like me. I mean, I always think I’m one of those people whom you naturally dislike.

But making new friends, knowing new people, makes me feel happy and good. I mean, there are people who actually (I hope) like me. They like my fun and crazy and random attitude and my talkativeness and my outspokenness and they like me. They are friendly to me. Hopefully that won’t change after they become old friends ahaha.

Sorry if this post is a bit pompous. But this is my blog 🙂

Well anyways, I start to feel that maybe I’m an ok person and some people do like me and enjoy my company. My old friends tell me they’ll miss me and I feel appreciated. I even have friends who tell me I’m likeable, and they think I’m cute and like they’ve known me for years, and I’m easy to talk to and they want to protect me (ok this is a guy la and in reference to my height).

I know it’s a bit WTF to post this kind of thing that people compliment me. I mean, people can just be nice right? But it’s nice to hear those things. Ok maybe some of you think guys ba like to sweet talk. But I just feel happy to hear this. Who doesn’t like people liking them?

Anyway it’s not like I’m pretty or whatsoever. I think I’m smart but not a looker 🙂 those comments and wallposts people post on Facebook on my photos and stuff like “nice pic” “you look good!” “lenglui” are just cursory comments. Heck even I compliment ugly people’s photos. I don’t think I’m ugly, and I do look good occasionally, but I’ll never be a “pretty person”.

Not saying this to fish a compliment so please don’t leave comments like no leh you are or what 🙂 just saying.

So yeah, thanks to my friends, new and old and yet to be, for making me feel better than I have in months 🙂 ♥


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