Hi everyone!

Posted: July 9, 2011 in Daily Rain, Happy in the Rain, Life in Rainy School

I’m in Sunway now and totally enjoying it. Not feeling a bit homesick at all. I made friends (phew!) and everything is great, my apartment, the people, the social life, the freedom and independence.

I can go out anytime I want, anywhere I want, with whoever I want. Of course, there are a few downsides like having to worry about where and what to eat, what to wear (and when I can reuse it so I don’t have to do so much laundry) and worrying constantly about money but it’s fine for me 🙂 i’m adapting well. And since I’m not one of those spoilt kids who have always had a lot of parents’ money to spend and am now at loss because ends don’t meet, I’m really doing fine. Bought maybe a little too much though what with bags and a top and so on. And I have to buy a few hundred bucks worth of books and an extremely expensive calculator, so yeah. NEED TO STARVE.

I needn’t worry about not making friends. I hope people in Sunway like my company? 🙂 I have met some awesome people like Yee Munn, Cassandra and so on. And also Carson, since he blogged about me so I’ll blog about him 😀 He’s an awesomely funny guy who *used to be* very buff and he’s extremely quirky and also act cute almost all the time AND he takes ugly pictures of me and causes me to lose about RM5 of credit a day AND he’s prettier than me so I kinda hate him though he’s awesome!


Gosh just look how much fairer he is in this picture! He motivates me to put on lots of skin cream.

Classes shall start soon! I missed my first class because I overslept WTF it was the most unlucky day ever and then my phone broke down and then my hairdryer went nuts and my laptop jammed and my broadband expired and it was such a Black Friday.

Movie tomorrow! I AM NOW SO BROKE THAT SOON I SHALL BE BOILING GRASS TO EAT. Still, I love my life here 🙂



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