Posted: July 21, 2011 in Daily Rain, Life in Rainy School

Sometimes things happen and spiral out of control and there’s nothing I can do to stop it or prevent it anymore nor do I really want to. Some things are just bigger than my willpower or rationale or skepticism or doubts.

Just hope for the best, let yourself go. Not too much nor too little. But usually once the line has been cast it’s almost impossible to reel it back. Thinking about that causes my mouth to go dry.

Sorry for the cryptic post. Life’s treating me well. Going out almost everyday. Wishing MUFY was more challenging. I am finally free with no chains on me anymore 🙂 I wonder if I’ve become immune to pain or am I now more vulnerable to it.

Just pray for me guys. Wish me luck and hope I’m protected from life’s inevitable pain and trials. I hope if the blow does come, I’m cushioned from it.

  1. A friend says:

    We do pray for you, and hope you’ll never get hurt again

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