Posted: July 22, 2011 in Angry in the Rain

Ok you see right. If you’re a guy and you ask a girl out, YOU ASK THE GIRL OUT, you should pay for her la. If not why did you ask her out in the first place if you can’t even pay for her? I mean it’s not like you guys always go out. I’m not saying you should always pay for the girl but it’s sort of a special occasion. True la she’s not your gf but pls la! You asked her out to meet you SO FAR AGAIN. And you didn’t even offer to pay for her which is super rude. AT LEAST OFFER LA.

If you ask a girl out and you don’t even bring her home or call her a cab but instead ask her take KTM or whatsoever alone at night? Don’t you think it’s dangerous? The least you could do is at least accompany her in the bus ride. But no you don’t. Just let her wander alone till she has to call her friends and ask around just to know how to get home.

That’s not a gentleman at all. And some more you made her pay for you too. Not cool. I feel pissed just hearing about you though I don’t even know you. Way to go to impress a girl’s friends.



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