Posted: August 7, 2011 in Life in Rainy School, Vain and Bimbotic in the Rain

Hi everyone. I’m taking a momentary break from studying (right!) and doing stupid crappy wasting time assignments. It’s my second all-nighter in a row, and it sucks frankly. I’m so tired I can barely keep my head propped up, I feel worried and crap and sick and tired.

Firstly, the ATM machine screwed up my account and didn’t give me my cash. So now I have to wait till Monday before I withdraw anything. Secondly, I used up a lot of money for this month in the previous month. So I am so screwed over it’s not funny. I don’t think I’d be able to eat for the last 5 days I’m here. And I’m feeling super depressed when I can’t go places with my friends because they can spend more than I do. FML.

And one thing I’m fucking stressed. Consequences of doing things last minute. But that’s just how I function I guess. Screwed up people work in screwed up ways.

And lastly, I’m also facing a problem I’ve never faced before. I’m facing a weight problem WTF. Clothes are getting tight and there are bumps here and there that never existed. I have no idea why. In Kuching I’m constantly losing weight because I forget to eat and I have very small appetite. But here, I have McD (which is like fucking a million calories), and I eat out, and obviously I have to finish it even when it’s a giant portion. Plus snacking and all that shit. I’m more active, like I walk everyday, but still it doesn’t seem to help.

I can cry every time I look in the mirror. Yes I’m still skinny but I don’t intend to balloon till I can’t fit into anything. So tomorrow, a strict apples-and-salad regime and jogging and starvation and dieting till this madness stops.

I shall go back to my last minute studying now. 😦

But first photos!

I love this picture 🙂 and I took it myself 😀

The crazy morning where I woke up at 6.45 and put on a ton of makeup and camwhored LOL SO BLONDE.


First time I posted a barefaced, lens-less photo on my blog LOL.

All photos are unedited. HAHA. I’m eating durian now. And one more thing I’d like to share :

Something that makes me happy and smile with a glow till now 🙂 It’s a small thing but I’ve never known it before. There was this guy I barely knew. A coursemate and we rarely talk and he’s sort of a shy quiet type. And he asked me if my hair was dyed and I said yes it was, why? And he sort of looked taken aback and then mumbled “It’s very beautiful”.

Despite the fact he complimented my hair colour and not me (LOL), it makes me super happy because well, it’s so sincere and heartwarming when someone tells you you look beautiful, and they don’t even know you. He didn’t mean it in a flirty way, in a pickup line way, and it wasn’t obligatory like your boyfriend or your mum telling you you’re beautiful, neither was it in a sleazy way like those ah bengs at the roadside who honk me when I’m walking to college and actually slow down as if I’m a hooker.

So yeah, encounters like that make me feel that life is a wonderful thing sometimes and there’s still good and kindness in the world 🙂 It made a girl happy to know that for that one day a stranger thought she looked beautiful,  especially since it was on a very crappy day. Thanks 🙂

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    You brought a camera to KL -__-

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