Home In Kuching :)

Posted: August 27, 2011 in Happy in the Rain

Yea, I’m home again. It feels good to be home here again, seeing the same old sights that I’ve grown up around for the past 18 years. So nice to breathe Kuching air, to drive past familiar buildings. But at the same time, something’s changed. I know that it’s the start of a long process of no longer being home. Growing up, getting a job, getting my own place.. It’s inevitable, and this is the start of it.

I remember the day before I left, when I looked at my bed and said goodbye (LOL i did). And I wondered when I would see it again, and now here I am. In bed.

I feel a bit disconnected, as if the past few months haven’t happened at all.

I miss KL though, and I am a bit sad thinking of all the fun they’re going to have without me there in KL 😦 I’m going to miss late night outings.

And of course, I miss a certain person too 🙂


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