Old Poem In Pendrive

Posted: September 6, 2011 in Daily Rain, Sad in the Rain

What an emo poem from last time:


The way you smile and jump around

The way your smell is always nice

The way you creep up without a sound

The way you both make girls feel

Special, and common at the same time.


I like the way you defend me

The way you offer me a seat whenever you see me

The way my heart pounds when my hand 

Accidentally brushes yours.


The way you’re so cute when you’re 

Passionately arguing about something.

Or your lame jokes that make me laugh

Like I rarely do.

The way you’re so familiar with me

Poking me and asking me to poke you back

The way you rub my head when you see me

The way you mess up my hair

Can’t you see?


It makes me ache and smile at the same time

When I see you because I know

I’ll never get a man so fine.

The way you hug me just as a friend

I should wake up because I know

It’s me who’ll hurt in the end.




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