I Am A Baby Pumpkin

Posted: September 11, 2011 in Random and Weird in the Rain

I am getting so depressed about my weight 😦 it just keeps adding. I am also very depressed about my procrastination. And I’m also quite upset of myself. I’ve always tried to be nice, like when people are gossipping, I’d say “Don’t say this la” and so on. But now, I seem to gossip more.

I also feel that I’m way too sensitive. I want everyone to include in every plan they make. Is this normal? Obviously not. I mean, it’s impossible to expect everyone to like you. I guess when someone makes plans without me, I get a little hurt. Or when people make plans with my friends without me.. I feel like they’re stealing my friends. How abnormal is that?

As I quote from my old blog

“I miss my days floating around as a ball of cells in Mom’s trusty old uterus when all I had to worry about was mitosis and leeching off Mom’s nutrients.”

Enjoying reading my old blog entries. I used to be so much smarter back then with more ideals.


I miss you on days when I don’t see you.

I talk about you when I want to stop myself.

I find myself thinking of you.

Dreaming about you.

Highly recommended mind boggling read : http://www.thousandcelestial.blogspot.com

  1. -LKT- says:

    You’re a cute baby pumpkin 😛 ❤

  2. Bee says:

    ENAAAA. 😀

    Don’t ask me how I found my way here.

    Haha I tau how you feel, but don’t worry! I’m very sure they didn’t mean it.

    Sometimes its just… you know, so caught up with everything and stuff happens?

    Cheer up girl, you’re special & one-of-a-kind (seriously)!

    Banyak hugs. (:

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