Posted: September 18, 2011 in Sad in the Rain

I find it incredibly mean when you have no idea why a friend is ignoring you and deliberately leaving you out by not inviting you anymore for no apparent reason. I mean, fine. You can forget me if you wish. I have no idea why you’re so pissed at me and never finding me anymore, or replying my wall posts, or whatsoever. I thought we used to be tight but if you want to just pretend we’re not friends anymore, I also have no idea what to say to you. To confront you and ask you what’s wrong? To try to text you and chat like usual friends but not getting any response from you? It’s all weird now because you’re being so cold and unfriendly to me. And I’m never good at confronting and asking hey what’s wrong among us. I guess if you want to forget me as a friend, you can 🙂

Makes me feel like not wanting to go home end of this year. FML.


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