Posted: September 29, 2011 in Sad in the Rain

Thus ends the more hectic days of the week, with innumerable assignments and various tests back to back. I screwed up Math badly, and cried my eyes out.

I’m feeling extremely low right now. Does anyone ever feel that they have no one to talk to when they’re down? Like they have no friends? I mean, I feel that way. No matter what effort I make, I’m an afterthought and they don’t really give a care about me at all.

Ignored, neglected, jealous. Words describing everything occuring in my life now. Whenever something bad happens to me, I always think it’s karma. I always think that it’s because of something I did a few months ago, and I’d blame myself and feel awful. Because i think it might be more comforting to think that I did this to myself than the fact that others are doing this to me unprovoked.

Cursed to forever dwell in the feeling of being second best, being shadowed, being a replacement, of wanting things I can’t ever have.

It hurts, badly.

When will I finally belong?




  1. Andrew Jaden says:

    I feel alone all the time here, so I can relate 😉

  2. No one truly stands alone Ena. No one.

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