I Know

Posted: October 31, 2011 in Angry in the Rain

I wonder what it is about me that prevents others from forming attachments to me. It’s like there’s some huge barrier around me.

I mean, sure I’m friendly. People talk to me, laugh, hang out, but ultimately, when it comes to choosing a lab partner or taking BFF shots or so on, they don’t call me. I’m always “the friend” never the best friend.

I think it’s partly my own doing. I dislike doing anything clingy or cheesy. I don’t know why. I never make the effort to send a text ( wanna go for lunch?) when I do I feel desperate and annoying and so on so I don’t. I wait for people to ask me, and when they don’t I just slink away. No wonder I don’t have any real attachments. I don’t commit to anything, not even a fucking friendship.

Some days I wish I was more normal.

  1. Kuchingite says:

    We are all unique. Everyone has their pros and cons.
    Its not too late. 3 Days Grace – Never too late.

    If you want to change , its never too late.

  2. A friend says:

    Can don’t emo??

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