Posted: November 13, 2011 in Vain and Bimbotic in the Rain

I’m been having the worst case of weeps and pains this month. Something is off with my menstrual cycle and I’ve also been feeling homesick and lonely and having many petty tiffs with him lately. Not a very nice month, though I’m glad finals is done.

I think too much sometimes, but my brain is just wired that way. I think all the time, with super-mega-turbo booster whirring in my head and inevitably too much thinking leads to brain and emotional drain.

Anyways, I’m too lazy to do anything so I’m gonna just post some camwhore pictures (edited only in colour) and call it a day. Have so many series to catch up on!


I was very free



hence the pictures



and the wtfbbqawesome lighting


is all because I’m that rajin


this one is a little scary, trying to mimick Audrey fourfeetnine‘s cuteness!


i look angry here 😀


running out of catchy captions


this is from aeons ago


current Facebook display picture!


Thus ends this post amen happyholidays haveanicelife.


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