Ear Still Intact

Posted: November 21, 2011 in Random and Weird in the Rain

So now I want to make this blog a mini-shrine to my ear. Haha it’s not infected or collapsed though I went into dirty seawater and germy chlorine poolwater few days after I pierced.

Anyways, I went to Port Dickson, and it was fun albeit the beaches a bit disappointing.

Nevertheless, it’s 5 days till I get home. Facing many difficult problems right now and I don’t know how to describe them. Financial problems among some of them.

I hate the sense of never belonging. I really do. I guess.. I hate who I am now. I’m so antisocial that I just lock up all day and yeah. I hate it. I guess I just miss my old self. I’m tired of making all the effort, though. And I’m tired of thinking too much. Feel used at times.

Short, cryptic sentences to replenish the dry spell to my limited readers after my long hiatus. LOL smart  of me to keep up my readership.

Think this was when watching Real Steel which was freaking amazing!

Insidious is freaking scary haha one of the first horror movies to have successfully scared me in 4 years. Gotta go now because I’m lazy and all I do is play Pokemon and watch HIMYM over and over again. Babai.


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