Posted: November 29, 2011 in Daily Rain

I just went out with a friend I haven’t talked to much in a long time. And I realised, I’ve changed. He told me that when he first met me, I was very friendly, outgoing and fun.

And slowly, all that wore away. I realise it. I sort of don’t make an effort to keep in touch, or to socialise, anymore. I’d rather stay in my room and turn the music up high and just lose myself in it. But, I realise it’s not good. I’ve become more reserved, quiet, shy, and people are drifting away from me. I’m not clinging on as I should.

It’s my mistake.

Also, this time in Kuching is spent thinking about stuffs.

Advice from a friend about love? Once there’s ANY doubts at all whether you can spend your life with  a person, then that person is not the right one. Don’t compromise with someone’s flaws thinking it’ll all work out, fight for your own happiness and be brave to end old things and start new things 🙂


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