Sensitive Issues

Posted: December 3, 2011 in Wisdom in Rain

Disclaimer: This post is not meant to be sensitive (despite the title LOL), or denouncing anyone’s religion. This is not a rant in any way.


Was reading up the case of Lina Joy online and I conclude it’s a shame and disgrace to the Malaysian constitution. Apostasy, apparently is illegal in Malaysia because of Shariah laws, but then the Constitution states that everyone has their freedom to practice their own religion.

Everyone should be given the freedom of choice. Just because a person is born Malay does not mean that person should be blindly forced to embrace Islam from birth. I speak from the point of view of the stories of the secret converts I found on BBC. Imagine, how difficult it is. To have to migrate to another country, face violence and opposition from members of the public, not being able to work, being cut off from one’s family. Or being in love with someone who is non-Muslim, and face the pain and anguish on both sides about conversion, or migration, and so on.

I quote from Wikipedia:

The dissenting Chief Judge of Sabah and Sarawak Datuk Richard Malanjum wrote that “Hence, in my view this is tantamount to unequal treatment under the law. In other words it is discriminatory and unconstitutional and should therefore be struck down. For this reason alone, the relief sought for by the appellant should be granted, namely for a declaration that she is entitled to have an identity card in which the word ‘Islam’ does not appear.”


This leads me to reflect on myself. I am glad I am given the freedom to make my own choices. But like every member of the society, I too face pressures from family, friends, loved ones and so on. I find it sickening when there is an organized and methodical way of  campaigning for a spread of a certain religion, be it door-to-door or just sitting at your favourite coffee shop and having a group of strangers mercilessly attack you with bookmarks or whatnot.

Often times people ask me “Why don’t I have faith? Why don’t I just embrace it?”

Well it’s simple. I just have never been touched by faith. Maybe not yet. I don’t believe in absolutes. Maybe I’ll be religious in a couple years. But right now, I find it practical to not pretend I have any sort of faith in the divine. This does not mean I go around murdering baby bunnies and cooking soup from babies. It simply means it is my free will and choice.

Firstly, I believe in evolution. Which basically rules out every religion in the world (feel free to enlighten me in comments below). Secondly, to me, as an agnostic, I find that should religion be true, it would be of pure love, and not some cruel system where the divine one makes a person to test him or her and despite great love for the person decides to throw them into a fiery pit of hell. The concept of heaven and hell to me, is terrible. I’d rather believe in reincarnation. Also, some scriptures of religion pose some ethical problems within themselves. (Though of course, a religion shouldn’t be judged by its writings.) In most of them, over half the deaths in those holy books are caused by the divine one himself. Practically every page goes like, this guy is evil, and the Divine One throws him into hell as punishment. Maybe they are meant to serve as lessons, but if they literally mean what they say, then i disapprove.

I’m not saying religion is bad. Far from it. I’d also like to believe in life after death. But I don’t want to think that just because I don’t believe in someone, though I’m a good person, I shall thus be barbequed for all eternity. Religion brings out good in people, undoubtedly. Gives people meaning, and purpose, and of course, puts a person’s soul at peace. Monks, and priests and so on, I have huge respect for them for being so selfless.

What is wrong is when religion is used to start wars, or for corruption, or for selfish reasons, then I find it just.. *shakes head*

I neither believe nor disbelieve in a God. But I’d like to be able to make my own choices and believe in my own miracles. Think I’m a heathen/pagan who goes through life meaninglessly without once giving a thought to religion? Instead, I find my thoughts on life after death and the origins of life all too frequently. A result of overthinking, sleeplessness and overlong showers.

I’d also like to see humanity without being bordered, shackled, and wrenched apart from religion. In fact, religion should bring people together. I’d also like to believe that life is not a mere game created by a divine being, and also that this being loves me so much that he/she wouldn’t throw me into a suffering pit of fire just simply because I did not have faith in life. Everyone know there are many factors in life which contributes to many consequences.

Interestingly, I believe in fate and karma. At any rate, I believe all humans should be nice to each other. I’ve done my good deed of the day. (HAHA I sound like an Enid Blyton book).

What is important is, live your life to the fullest. It may be the only one you’ve got to prove yourself or simply to LIVE 🙂



  1. lessinor says:

    Totally agreed Ena 8D (AJ here btw)

  2. Envira says:

    Interesting post but i do not stand in the same view. =) when the time has come, more things will be revealed.

  3. This is a tricky one, but at the moment, I think our major goal should just be to create spaces where people can talk to each other.

  4. Very interesting subject, appreciate it for putting up.

  5. At the same time, people like Kimmage will be portrayed as bitter self publicists out to tear down a hero s legacy.

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