Posted: December 9, 2011 in Daily Rain

To my surprise, I’m enjoying being back. It’s so comfortable. All these people whom I’ve known for so long, though they may have changed but our friendship doesn’t. I enjoy being here because I have people here. I have friends. Truthfully, been feeling lonely back in KL. New friends, yes, but it’s not the same as years of friendship. No important, emotional problems or feelings are ever discussed, and I just grew so tired of not having anyone to share my troubles that I withdrew into myself choosing to sometimes feign sickness or sleep to avoid social interactions and just holing up in my room being antisocial. I don’t feel I belong with anyone, no matter how much I try.

I’m enjoying the endless sleep, food and being able to get up at whatever time I want and downloading whatever shits I want 🙂

It helps that my parents are somehow different now, they barely even try to control me. Guess it’s because I’m 18 now?

Overall, it has been quite a shitty year. Shitty breakup, disappointing results for SPM, shitty scholarship, problems with friendship and love life, having exams on my birthday. Darn depressing actually. But still, what a year, I find myself being independent for once.

Anyways to get back on track, this post was originally meant to discuss HAIR but I seem to have meandered off into musings again =__=


I’m sick of my straight hair. It’s weighing me down and making me look awful. I’m thinking of a perm! I don’t know yet though. I’ll probably miss running my fingers through my hair but I’d really want to try. Just worried about the condition of my hair in case it dies because I’ve been dyeing it endlessly.

I want it to look like this! This is my hair colour now, sort of.

  1. Yet, it s for a greater cause, they say Now, whether that cause is justifiable, is a completely different matter.

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