Why Do People Hate Justin Bieber?

Posted: December 26, 2011 in Random and Weird in the Rain

I don’t get why people hate on him so much to the point of getting personal, asking him to die and so on. He’s just a teenage boy. Who sings. But anyways. Here’s a list:

1. They hate him because of how his fans react. I mean, yea it’s pretty dumb for those teens to scream and act dumb and so on. But it’s unfair to judge a star by the quality of fans he has. It’s not like rock and roll singers have only rock fans. With pop, all shit comes out too. Take Lady GaGa.

2. His music? Doubt it though, it’s mainstream pop.

3. They claim he’s a girl. Ok this is stupid. Find me a 16 year old boy with tough packs and ripped body. He even got a haircut and his voice changed so like, cut him some slack.

4. Jealousy. He’s a normal single-parent family kid who somehow struck fame and realised his dreams.. And he has made more money than anyone can ever dream at that age. Plus he’s one of the most well known entertainers for now.. For good or bad reasons.

5. They are lifeless bitter people who just want to hate on someone.

6. They follow the crowd. Since everyone hates Bieber, they do it too.


Anyways I find it stupid and pointless. It’s like posting hate crap on the PM’s wall. Dumbasses. You think by venting negatively on a Facebook page that Malaysia will become what you want it to be? Idiots.


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