Plastic Plastic

Posted: December 29, 2011 in Wisdom in Rain

Boyfriend showed me this video. Now I’d like to blog about it.

Ok, I’ve always been an avid supporter of plastic surgery. From Xiaxue, to Leng Yei, I always have been. I admire those who are brave enough to endure pain to change something about themselves. To modify, and upgrade themselves.

This was my English Oral topic by the way LOL.

I have always hated my nose! And I know my first paycheck will go to my nose job fund! No car, not house, not clothes, but my nose. My nose is not cute, or okay. It is fugly, and not what I wanted. So if your argument is that I can’t choose what features to be born with, my parents gave me this face, then yes I agree. But I CAN choose to artificially modify it, can’t I?

I mean. If you have the money and freedom to do it, do it. Not because of boyfriend, peer pressure or anything, but for yourself.

I quote from some random blog I read long ago, there are 3 types of people in the world.

First person did plastic surgery and is proud and happy to admit it. Second person did it and denies it (like Dawn). Third person is a person who didn’t do it but hates how she looks and is forever complaining.

Honestly is plastic surgery that much different than someone who makes up every day. My mum herself has tattooed eyebrows and eyeliner. Because she said, no difference since she does eyebrows and eyeliner everyday. If I am the kind of girl who shades her nose and spends hours drawing eyeliner to make eyes bigger etc, then why not just do it? There is no difference since makeup also makes you look different than the original face you were born with, and no one is ever going to see your original face underneath the constant makeup anyways. No difference with surgery at all.

All I can say is, I’m looking forward to having a beautiful nose. People may tell me I am beautiful the way I am, but I myself is not satisfied. And when I do it, regardless of pain or prejudice, I’ll be very proud of it and love myself a lot more!

  1. Randomer says:

    WHAT? seriously nth wrong with plastic surgery, but u have a good nose. did u not noticed ==?

    • nanaliew says:

      i edit my nose in almost all pictures, or i take from certain angles. or i spend time to shade it everyday. always wanted a high and small nose.

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