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Today I’d like to blog something interesting! Well interesting for me la. My shoes! I have a few favourite pairs and each pair has a story. I can never turn away from a shoe shop and I am definitely more of a shoe person despite the fact that I wear a size 3 and more often than not I have to put back a gorgeous pair because I can’t fit. I don’t know if I had bigger feet, I would already be long bankrupt buying shoes or I love them so much more because it’s so hard to find the right pair! I usually can’t buy from any brands except Vincci and thus I have to scour little boutiques and random shops.

I used to wear sneakers with all the camouflage prints and so on in the dark past, and proceeded to wearing one single pair of flats for 2 years. In my primary school years I only wore slip on clogs similar to Crocs but made of colourful canvas and so on. =___=



I got these gladiator sandals for really cheap st SOS 🙂 now they’re a bit worn and soon I’m gonna throw them out. But they served me well for over 6 months!

I have worn this less than twice. Like once yeah. It’s adorable and all but I can’t find an occasion to wear this hahahaha. It costed 10 SGD! Got it in Singapore last year. I like that it’s so furry but it is undeniably ah lian.

Got this as a gift few years back. Size 3 Converse. It was rarely worn because it was a little tight but I’ve taken to wearing it now because it’s my only Converse.



This pair looks ratty already 😦 I got this in Form 4! Loved it. Fake suede and all classy but now it’s a bit worse for wear and I don’t really wear it anymore. Still like it though.



Got these flats (that fit!) at FOS. Wear them as much as my poor heels can allow them. The chafe my heels a lot.


My first pair of high heels! Got this for the 125th dinner in 2010. It’s my first really high pair *tears

        Got this recently, around end of last year. Cheap for platform Mary Janes. Love them! They don’t hurt at all (as in no chafing). Bought it at Offline at Pyramid 🙂

Got this in 2011. They’re okay but I wish they were higher. I can only wear zipped wedges because my feet are too small. And there’ll be a gap at the back. Zipped up ones can hide the extra space.

Got these flats in Singapore last year but never worn also because they hurt like a bitch plus is a little loose haha but they’re cute and sequinny so I just want to place it in my list of fave shoes! Especially now that sequinns are in!

Oxfords I got in SG last year too. Still wear them but can’t wear without socks unless wana stink up the room kind.


My first blue shoes! 🙂 Size 3 from Vincci. They looked blah but it looks good on my feet!




New sandals 🙂 Size 3 too!

Rubi flats on sale! Bet everyone has them though.


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