Chinese New Year

Posted: January 27, 2012 in Daily Rain, Happy in the Rain

It’s my favourite holiday! The happy songs, the red decorations, the supersititions, the food and angpaos! And the visiting OMG. I love being Chinese and I love this custom. Anyways, it’s the 4th day of Chinese New Year already! Went visiting with friends to 9 houses today haha and this is my lucky year! Won about 20 in total in gambling which is quite a lot considering I bet $1 each time.

All pictures unedited! Sorry if blurry!

First day!


Family shots

Wayne and Glen!

2nd day outfit 🙂

Love my blue ring!

With Clare at her open house

With Edith. Guine photobomb

Therese and me!

Jess, me, Lynne and Sarah

Me and Ann

3rd day! Being casual 🙂

Fat picture

Camwhore with Dad since he suddenly wear so nice haha

Another mascot shot

4th day! At Clare’s painting out faces, that’s Clare stripping in the back LOL this was our crazy 10 houses day!

Me, Sarah and Jess

Top: Mavis,San, Da, Jess, Lynne, Therese, Clare and Guine

Bottom: Chai, Sarah, Cassie, Shello and Me

This is at Chai’s! hehe her dad said we look like pageant queens kay.

Me with one of Clare’s puppies, omg the little thing is sleeping next to me and occasionally shivering from nightmares AWWW 🙂

Edith’s mum said I look so grown up now, last time I look like a small little girl. Haha I like looking old and mature k! One last shot!

This was an awesome CNY!


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