One Thing About Me

Posted: February 2, 2012 in Random and Weird in the Rain

I’ve always been materialistic and hard to please. It’s just a character flaw I have. If i pretend otherwise, I’d just resent a person.

Take gifts for example. Whenever I’m looking for a gift for boyfriend or so on, most commonly I get advice like “Anything will do, as long as it’s from you he’ll love it!” I think that’s bullshit frankly, because if I was the boyfriend I’d still be helluva disappointed if it is something crappy. “Happy as long as it’s from you”? Does that even exist in this world?

If I were a guy, I’d probably expect freshly baked cookies or so on from a girlfriend LOL.

Back a long time ago I had a friend who told me about his break up. Apparently, his girlfriend’s ex before him always showered her with presents. But my friend, being inexperienced, only gave her a homemade card for her birthday. She was never pleased and it led to their breakup. At the time, I was all “OMG how can she do that? A card is so sweet already etc etc.”

Like when my ex didn’t give me a birthday present. I felt like DARN FUCKING ANGRY LOL.

Now when I look back, I think if I was my friend’s girlfriend. Would I be content with just a card? No. I wouldn’t.

I guess the difference between girls who would be happy to receive a card for her birthday in comparison with jewelry, etc, is that those girls would willingly marry a poor man for love and girls like me wouldn’t.

Maybe a period in the beginning, full of love, would fool me into thinking love is enough for living. But I think it wouldn’t last long.

Hope I’ll marry a rich man!


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