To My Blackberry

Posted: February 24, 2012 in LoveShits Rainy Days, Uncategorized

I still remember the first day I got you. I remember your sturdy pink case. I remember all the OS tweaks and installations and customizations I’ve done to you.

I miss holding you and typing on you in bed with the lights off before I sleep. I miss your alarm everyday to wake me up. I miss scrolling on you through my Twitter updates. I miss updating my Twitter on you. Now it’s gone. I am no longer connected to internet at all. No more stalking on Facebook updates or anything.

I miss BBM and texting and Whatsapp and checking in with Foursquare. I miss being able to call anyone or text at any time. Now I have no way to call anyone. Nothing to hold. Nothing to play with. No contacts to use.

Not only that, all my email accounts, synced on my BB, and my 572 songs and all my painfully installed apps and carefully edited pictures in my 8GB memory card. Now, it’s all gone.

No more phone to play when I’m bored, or when I’m out. Nothing to read with my first cup of coffee. Worse of all, no more phone to call people when I’m really down and needing someone.

All my reminders and alarms. All my research and reading reviews about this phone.

I just want to die now. I miss you.

This month is seriously horrible. Just few hours ago, I still had a phone. FML


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