You Don’t Owe EVERYTHING to religion

Posted: March 24, 2012 in Wisdom in Rain

When i see people who failed spm and say stuff like “god has better plans for me” i’m like WHAT? excuses losers come up with. I cannot stand people who thank god for everything. I think if I become a doctor and save someone’s life and that person says “God saved me” I would literally kill that person because Goddammnit, I’m the one who fucking saved you!

Yea yea, some people just have such an unbelievably strong faith but still, I cannot stand it when let’s say someone drops their cellphone and it wouldn’t start and few days later it became okay again and hence it became “God helped me! What a miracle! Without God my phone would be sent to the repair shop!”

No idiot, your phone just wasn’t smashed hard enough. Unbelievable. Every single good thing that happens is “God’s work.” Look at me, I got this far and I don’t think I owed one single bit to God except being born into this world as I did it for myself. I would never be so humble to say “I only got 100 for my test because God helped me!”

NO. I studied hard for it and I got 100. Yay for ME.

Same goes for, “I got 15 for a test, but it’s okay, God is just giving me a trial. He has better things for me ahead.”

NO IDIOT. You are just stupid and flunked it and comforting yourself with God-talk.

Stupid things people say annoy me.

  1. Extreme Mental Pain says:

    I am not just hurt. I am beyond hurt. I feel like I just lost every single thing in my life.

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