Finals in 40 hours!

Posted: May 12, 2012 in Daily Rain, Happy in the Rain, Life in Rainy School, Vain and Bimbotic in the Rain

Yes I have finals soon and I’m still chilling online and I spent the whole night out haha I AM SCREWED. Well I’m gonna hope for the best and do my best since luck has not been on my side this past week. I’m broke from spending gifts on lecturers and I seriously hate one of my lecturers fml curse you but I’m finding time to blog!

Just got back from Maths workshop and I’m super tired. Some pictures from the past week:

Bio class.

Chem class!

Lynne and I and Miss Nancy, the chem lecturer!

Huansen and Alex, chemistry mates.

Beloved Mr Mustafa and other of his students, proudly showing off the tie and chocolates from us (:

A little bird! 🙂

That’s all kthxbye.

I’m happy now with how things are. Please don’t tell me you love me, because that will ruin everything. Please don’t.


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