Posted: June 4, 2012 in Daily Rain, Sad in the Rain

Hi everyone. Something sad happened to me these days. I missed my flight back home because the gate closed too early and I’m stranded here while everyone is home. I feel very lonely and sad and homesick and I had to lug all my luggage back to SMR when jusr hours ago I was packing and weighing in anticipation for moving back home.

It gets pretty quiet at home and the weekends are okay, because of him, but the weekdays are pure torture and I wake up at 3 everyday and sleep at 6, and I only eat one meal a day and I cry every night.

You told me when I first started dating him, that before this you still had feelings for me. Then now, you said you still have feelings for me also but you’re forcing yourself to move on. I ask you, how can you say you have feelings for me but not put in any effort at all? If you had feelings for me, but didn’t show it AT ALL, how can you say you had any? 

But nevertheless. I’m good these days. He’s still in that stage when he wants to see me all the time and he cares about me a lot. I don’t know how long this honeymoon phase will last but I’m enjoying it as it is 🙂 the track record for guys I’ve dated before indicates after a while the guy dulan and takes me for granted and stops the effort but I hope that I’ve become different enough to overcome this problem. In the meantime I’m preparing myself for the fall again (always the cautious woman) by not depending too much or relying too much and being clingy. And of course, less hopes, less expectations.


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