It’s True!

Posted: June 16, 2012 in Daily Rain, Happy in the Rain

I read Xiaxue’s post about the Secret just now and suddenly I realised well, yes, it might be true.

I remember back in Form 4 when Churchill and Jeff showed me the Secret, I scoffed and being my usual cynical sarcastic self I mocked them and the book because I dismissed it as superstitious optimistic bullcrap.

But now I think back, some of the best things in my life are due to the fact that I used the Secret. I know, when it’s endorsed by my idol I  see it in a new light.

At times I’m still sad and feel lonely and I don’t like the way my life is going.

I don’t practice the Secret 100% because I still have a lot of negative emotions such as doubt, depression, jealousy.

But let me list down the things I’ve gotten from the Secret.

1. Medicine. I lived my life in depression and fear that I wouldn’t get to change my course to Medicine. But I just pretended I could! I just planned my life and told everyone as if I’d already changed it. And voila, I can!

2. Studies. Everytime no matter how well prepared I am for exams I confidently tell myself that I can do it and I chant it to myself about 100 times a day. During SPM I chanted it during doing a paper. I do it for presentations too to pep myself up but I think that is just a confidence boost and not the Secret at work.

3. Breakup. I kept telling myself that life would be better after my breakup, and it did! I am so much happier with so many more friends and as a plus now there’s someone better in my life!

Shall put the Secret at work again soon! 🙂


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