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Posted: June 16, 2012 in Daily Rain, Happy in the Rain
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Staying up late because I’m watching UEFA and also because I’m reading reviews online. I am positively ANAL about reviews. Let it be buying phone, buying camera, getting a digital perm, buying lenses and so on, I’ll be glued to the screen reading up on each product for weeks on end. Yes, I do my research before buying something, which is why I gain a lot of unnecessary knowledge about lenses and megapixels and phone processors and etcetera. I am a giant perfectionist and thus I want to get the perfect product!

Right now my current research is on BB creams. It’s so hard to choose! I have to decide if I want oil control, light or strong coverage, and so on, and worse is the price factor is also a big factor. I reviewed so many lenses that by now I know what I want (yay!)

Right now I’m googling on hair colours to dye ! My parents want it a darker shade for my upcoming interview, so I’m going to dye it. I actually quite like my hair colour now, it’s a bit washed out and light at the ends but it looks good in pictures. I last dyed it in late August and touched it up around January, so my roots are pretty bad now 😦 If I dye it now by the same time next year it’ll be ugly again when I start school 😦 but what to do, right now I’m researching on hair colours. So far all my colours have been a red or violet base, maybe I’ll try an ash brown? But ash doesn’t last long so I want a purple ashy hair colour like this:

And maybe next year I’ll dip dye or highlight it with pinks or purples 😉 It’s time to do something daring! And I want to get a tattoo too! 🙂 YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!

Some pictures of dinner with my girls at Sharing Planet:

Chai and I 🙂

Shelly and I 🙂

Dada and I 🙂 She’s the birthday girl!

Missed my girls and all our crazy high school times! So good to catch up and talk again 🙂 We don’t need to stay in touch because we’ve known each other so long it’s the same everytime!


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