Opinion Today

Posted: June 24, 2012 in Wisdom in Rain

When girls say they are lazy to use makeup, or don’t know how to, I find it acceptable but to say you don’t need makeup is a bit of a self-boost. I find that it’s polite for girls to use makeup on important occasions.. for example, going to a wedding with no makeup shows disrespect because you don’t even care about the event at all that you don’t even try to look your best and you instantly spoil every photo you take by looking ugly. I find it POLITE and RESPECTABLE to use makeup as a girl. I find that as a girl it is only expected that we use makeup! It’s just like wearing a skirt, if you’re feminine you should wear skirts as well as trousers. Whether you’re comfortable or not but beauty is for the beholder not for yourself.

As for the claim that makeup spoils your face, well it only applies if you have perfect skin in the first place. Just because someone uses makeup doesn’t mean they are insecure. I like my looks but I use makeup to make them better because I’m a perfectionist that way. It’s the equivalent to a person who never dyes, perms or straightens hair for fear of damaging the hair – quality is preserved but the hair looks ugly as it has never been chemically styled.

Just my two cents’ worth. As a girl it is only acceptable that you try your best to look good. That feminist crap about no shaving and no makeup and tomboyish-ness is just a ploy for equality, but we can never deny that women will be the fairer sex, and we should use the proper tools to enhance our looks. This doesn’t mean we’re demonstrating we need men’s help and depend on them but just that we have enough self-respect to look good in public.

Look at the magic of makeup!


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