For You :)

Posted: July 23, 2012 in Happy in the Rain, LoveShits Rainy Days

This post is dedicated to you! 🙂

I should probably be blogging about Grad Night but I’m wayy too tired and it’s my off day from work, cut me some slack!

So anyways, YOU. I’m seriously glad that I have you in my life. I know this sounds cheesy and I don’t care who reads this and judges but sometimes I’m just so glad and happy to have you by my side.

Some of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for me came from you. And I still remember how in the beginning I doubted if we were right for each other because I didn’t think you would be the kind who does something special and has that thought to do all the cheesy stuff and I might feel neglected, unhappy, etc. But it couldn’t be further away.

I entered this with no expectations, no high hopes, but good thing is, I didn’t come into this with the thinking that “confirm it won’t last” as I always do. I didn’t think about the end, I thought just about NOW. You changed a lot, in a good way, to me, and I hope I changed too. You’ve made me a more positive person, you have. Now that I think about it, my love life has been pretty lucky. Not miserable/fail as I thought. Amicable, if not then clean breakups, and I’ve been lucky to stumble across you in my path.

You’re one of the most sincere, honest, straightforward and uncomplicated guys I’ve ever met. You’re more of a girl than you let on and though you have spoiled me constantly but you have made me a better person because I don’t give you shit and I become a better human being when I’m with you. I respect you too much and I see you as an equal, someone to share everything with and not someone to take the blame and anger for everything that goes wrong. I’m a better person because I want to be better for you. Learning to control my temper, my demands, and trying to be more understanding.

Never once have you let me down when I need you. I can always count on you and it makes me relieved to know that there is someone for me in my life. I’m sure we can pull through everything, and I’ll be waiting for you and I know you will too. ❤ You have always been so true and sincere it melts my heart. I know that when I’m sad, you’re sad. I know that whenever I go to bed upset you can’t sleep too. I know you’re always here for me because you don’t say these things just for the sake of it but because you are sincere 🙂

I love our movie nights and our beer challenges. I will always remember being carried across the road by you on July 14th and I will always remember our mad dress dash HAHA. 🙂 Thanks for everything love, you’re the best ❤


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